The International Forum on Water (2017IFW) will be held from January 13-15, 2017 in Sanya, China. This conference is organized by 1000thinktank and co-sponsored by the Engineering Information Institute.It will cover hot issues and high technology  on  Water quality monitoring and water pollution treatment, water resources protection and sustainable development. It dedicates to creating a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods. 
We look forward to seeing you in Sanya!
Keynote Speakers
  • Expert of The Thousand Talent Plan Dean Chunmiao Zheng
  • Expert of The Thousand Talent Plan Dean Chunmiao Zheng
  • South University of Science and Technology of China
  • Expert of The Thousand Talent Plan Prof. Zhaosong Qu
  • Expert of The Thousand Talent Plan Prof. Zhaosong Qu
  • Beijing Shangshui information technique joint-stock Ltd
  • Associate Professor Sergey Venevsky
  • Associate Professor Sergey Venevsky
  • Tsinghua University, Beijing
Time Activity Venue
January 13, 2017 09:00-21:00 Registration International Asia-Pacific Convention Center Sanya
January 14, 2017 08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony
09:00-12:00 "Water quality monitoring and water pollution treatment" forum
13:30-17:30 "Water resources protection and sustainable development" forum
January 15, 2017  08:30-12:00 Oral Sessions
Presentation and Recommendation
All the accepted papers will be published by "Journal of Water Resource and Protection" (ISSN:1945-3094), a peer-reviewed open access journal that can ensure the widest dissemination of your published work. For more information, please visit:
You′re welcome to submit abstracts for presentation. The abstracts are only used for an oral presentation and will not be published in the conference journal.
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Important Dates
Full Paper Submission Due:
  December 3, 2016
Abstract Submission Due:
  December 13, 2016
Simple Attendees Registration Deadline:
  December 30, 2016
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